Source Protection

White City Water Improvement District, with the assistance of Sunrise Engineering, has updated our Drinking Water Source Protection Plan. It contains pertinent information about our source protection zones, potential contaminant sources, and WCWID's management strategies to protect our drinking water. 

All of our drinking water and water used for landscaping or irrigation comes from deep wells that pull from an underground aquifer, so identifying possible contaminants that can leach into the ground is our main concern. The plan identifies possible contaminant sources common in our protection area which include; pesticides, fertilizers, household hazardous wastes, roadways, and detention ponds among others. Fact sheets for possible contaminants are available at our website or hard copies can be obtained by visiting our office. 

Due to the depth of our wells and steps we have taken to protect the points of contamination at our wells, we have a low to medium susceptability to potential contamination.  WCWID has developed management strategies to protect our wells from possible future contamination, complying with source protection ordinances of Sandy City, White City Metro Township and Salt Lake County. Please contact us at (801)571-3991, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to our source protection plan. 

Relevant Documents