EPA Lead and Copper Rule

In response to the EPA’s updated Lead and Copper Rule Revisions, in an effort to limit lead and copper exposure through drinking water, WCWID is required to identify service line types for every connection within the District. This includes both the Districts side of the service as well as the property owners service. Typically service lines will be one of four types of material; Copper, Galvanized steel, Plastic or Lead.


 WCWID has spent many hours over the past several months identifying our service line materials. Over the next year we will be needing property owners assistance in identifying their service types as well. This will entail looking at where the service enters the home and identifying the type of service material. Clicking on the link below will allow property owners to submit their service type online. WCWID staff is available for help with the identification process if the service type is unknown. And thank you all for the help in getting this EPA Rule fulfilled.

Please Click Here to be redirected to a fillable form.